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Limited-Time Benefit Cash-Out Offer
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Deadline: November 15, 2021

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  • Plan Participants
  • Surviving spouses with a pre-retirement death benefit
  • Individuals entitled to a benefit due to a divorce agreement
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    The Timber Operators Council Retirement Plan is a defined-benefit pension plan that was established by a group of Western wood products employers in 1961 to provide retirement benefits for their non-union employees. Effective May 31, 2011, future benefit accruals under the Plan were permanently frozen; no further benefits will accrue after that date.

    Below are some links that you may find useful. For example, to receive an estimate of your benefit, simply print the request form a few months before you plan to retire, complete it and return it to us. We'll get you an estimate of your monthly benefit and send you the appropriate application to complete (or you can download it here when you're ready).

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More on the Timber Operators Council Retirement Plan

The TOC Plan pays a monthly annuity benefit to eligible employees who have terminated employment with participating companies. Eligibility is determined by Plan terms and vesting schedule. Normal retirement age is 62, but you may retire with a reduced benefit at any time after you reach age 52, if you are 100% vested. Under certain circumstances, the Plan pays disability and death benefits. Generally, five qualifying years of service are required to accrue a benefit. If you are eligible for a benefit under the Plan, you must begin drawing that benefit no later than age 70, even if you are still employed by the participating employer. For further details, please refer to the Plan's Summary Plan Description.

If you are actively employed by a covered employer, you should be receiving annual benefit statements from us. It is important that you tell us if your address, phone or email changes so that we can keep your contact information current.

PLEASE NOTE: There are two other pension plans with similar names that are not connected with this TOC Plan or administered by Vigilant Services. Those plans are:

  • TOC-Woodworkers IAM Defined Contribution Plan, contact A & I Benefit Plan Administrators in Portland, Oregon at 503-224-0048 or www.aibpa.com.
  • CIC (formerly WCIW)-TOC Pension Plan, contact Northwest Administrators (also in Portland) at 503-238-6961 or www.nwadmin.com.